Trip Trade

My airline has scheduling software that will allow pilots to trade trips within certain parameters, so I posted one of my trips, with two very early morning departures, on the trade board. Sure enough, another Captain wanted my trip over his assigned trip. I was ecstatic to dump 3:00 A.M. get ups. I have flown the vampire schedule for too many years and have become accustomed to night flying.

I finished the first day of my new trip about an hour ago. We flew all day in the western reaches of the Empire with the longest flight time being 1 hour and 32 minutes. Most legs today were less than 45 minutes in length. I love this kind of flying in a big jet. It is a real kick in the pants!

I am very tired, in fact, my face is about to fall on the keyboard. Our duty day was 12 hours with 7 hours and 50 minutes flight time; 10 minutes under max allowed. Must sleep...

Posted by Captain Dave at 10:32 PM